Depressed? Stuck? Frustrated? Can’t get Moving? What do you Do?

Let’s have a discussion…………

aka (allow me to rant for a bit)

Let’s talk about Depression, seems necessary at the moment. We all have bouts of depression. Some longer than others. Some who believe that depression is all there is in their life.

I myself have fallen victim multiple times to self doubt, neglect, loathing, downward spiraling, lost of control, frustration, anger, anxiety, hopelessness…..the list can go on and on. When it rains it pours. More recently it’s hitting me harder amidst personal experiences (job loss, failed businesses, stalled investments, injury, etc..) and the tragic occurrences around the world: celebrity suicides, trade wars, Japan floods, following the Thai Cave Rescue, Mass Shootings, Children being torn from their Parents…….

It’s hard to be objective (emotionless in this context) when these feelings are hitting you hard. Loss of Job, Loss of Family, or just plain Lost….that feeling can hit you hard leaving you breathless and paralyzed. Anxiety sets in and down the rabbit hole you go.

How do you get yourself out? What faith should you call upon? What experience? What belief?

Especially when no one is around. Those darkest deepest times where the end just seems better, who do you turn to?

I’ve always programmed myself to be joyful, appreciative and overly optimistic. However when those emotions get over shadowed by hard hitting fears I tend to implode. Logic mostly falls out the window.

Meditation: didn’t work

Exercise: worked…..temporarily

Get Outside: also temporary

Staying busy: works until the busy stops

Opening up to friends: too scared to do this, is this even an option?? I can’t do that because I’m wearing the Mask of MASCULINITY!

Thankfully I only get depressed and not tragically so.

*Side Note: Tim Ferris talks about how many successful business individuals go into PTSD after they’ve stopped working. Depression kicks in if they have not built up other Pillars in their life  (other Passions and Hobbies.) For entrepreneurs, musicians and actors who haven’t built these Pillars many fall into despair after their career peaks. We’ve all seen this before.

Tim says to build at least 3 strong pillars

So building up other PILLARS is one solution to prevent future depression in this context but how do we attack depression if it is hitting us NOW???

I woke up yesterday with a small epiphany …or rather a reminder of what was buried inside of me……..I believe there is one philosophy that I can hold onto that helps me survive even the worst of depressions. (feel free to disagree or comment)

Acknowledging/Reminding myself that Depression is an Emotion dictated by my Philosophy

More often then before my emotions fluctuate daily. Which tells me that certain inputs are truly affecting my philosophies DAILY! Confusion seems to be my normal state as of late.

In todays world we are inundated with information. Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Emails, Cellphones, Podcasts, Websites all within a foots reach from us at all times. A flood of information that till this day mankind did not have exposure to.

If unchecked and unfiltered the wrong type of daily input can affect your philosophies. I have no doubt about that correlation, I’m too lazy to google studies, but I’m sure you can find them out there.

More importantly, I’ve come to realize that I MUST better control my philosophy to better control my emotions. To do that I must control what INPUT is coming in DAILY because INPUT affects my philosophy. Let me give you an example:

Have you ever started reading an interesting thread about “Eating Healthier” only to descend down a rabbit hole of angry critiques going to war about different diets?! One hr later, you’re entrenched in this conflict that initially had NOTHING to do with you but yet you’ve chosen a side, soldiered up and now gunning down enemies for NO REASON! What happened?! I was just trying to eat healthier, now I’m all angry at Fruit having too much sugar?! FRUIT?! FRUITTTTT!!!!!! I love fruit! What is going on?!

How did this ONE HOUR on a thread change my 30+ YEARS feelings on fruit? My philosophy on fruit was great until this thread saying fruit has too much sugar! (you might have experienced this w/ Politics, Sports, Fashion, etc….) Note: *This blog itself is an INPUT*

I digress: If I can change what philosophies I’m inputting into my brain daily then I can reprogram my emotions! Woo-saaaaa

What if my depression stems from hormone imbalances?

If it’s physiological, then you’d have to fork out some money to get a check up. If all the boxes check out, then BACK TO PHILOSOPHY!

What if Mars is in Retrograde? I might be haunted? Spirits could be affecting me? Bad luck just follows me!

Well those are also just “inputs” and “Philosophies” are they not? You had to learn about Retrograde, define for yourself what is haunted, what are spirits. What INPUTS do you ALLOW and ACCEPT in your daily life. Don’t blindly accept all information as it may have served you in the past, that could have changed. It was okay to scream and cry when you’re a baby to get a diaper changed, it’s NOT okay to do that now. (How many people do we know that directs their anger and insecurities towards you due to their own internal problems.) Where do you think that stems from?…..they are basically a Ginormous Baby…..screaming and kicking for a diaper change I tell ya! Why don’t we:

Identify underserving Philosophies that frame your Story, Narratives, & Emotions

i.e: It’s going to be tough to get out of my funk, I deserve to feel this way, My kid is a brat etc…..

We don’t need to retreat into a closet or more dramatically reset out of this world. We simply need to identify which beliefs or daily INPUTS are driving these FLEETING feelings. Introspect. Journal. Get Professional help if needed. List them out. Do they serve you? If no, then:

Seek experiences that directly affect those Philosophies

i.e: Parenting 101 classes, Self Defense Class/Books, Spiritual awakening Podcasts

For example:

Underserving Philosophy: I believe parenting is HARD. I’m STRESSED everyday from it. My 3 kids drive me NUTS!

Solution: Take a “How to Parent w/ ZERO Stress” class. Take a lunch with a mom of 5. Read books on better parenting. Aim to change the parenting philosophy you have.

Ever wake up to the same problems? That’s because nothing about your philosophy has changed. Don’t go climb into a meditation hut for 4hrs like I did in Mexico and expect new philosophies to spout out like a chocolate fondu fountain. Meditation huts do NOT give you better philosophies, most the time you just recycle the same underserving philosophies. Don’t go get 10+ massages to try and relax, that doesn’t change your philosophies, you might experience temporary relief but ultimately fall back into depression shortly after. Don’t drink 2 cases of beer to forget. Don’t go complaining to your friends.

Objectively speaking: I’d like to seek experiences that directly affect the philosophies that aren’t serving me.

My personal goals are to read NEW books about building better disciplines. Get NEW information sources rather than from Snapchat, Facebook, ESPN, Instagram. Join NEW clubs: Biking, Guitar, Fitness. Speak to as many NEW people as possible. Sometimes our mentors, families and friends voices don’t pierce us anymore because we have a predetermined OLD philosophy about them. Not saying to get NEW friends, but some of us need that too!

You might only need to change a little OR you may want a complete REPROGRAMMING. That is something you’ll need to figure out.

And lastly here’s what I’m planning to do:

Apply New/Improved Philosophies Immediately

If I realize that drinking more water will give me more energy. Go buy that 24 pack and chug a bottle every morning and night. See how it makes me feel

If I now believe that spreading good karma will bring good karma back my way. Go spread good karma right away. Donate, give clothes, cook for someone in need. See how it makes me feel

If I now see that hiding my feelings does more harm than good. Go share my feelings. See how it makes me feel.


If you find them not serving your emotions, change them.

Still not taking action to change? Reverse Engineer the below formula:

Your Philosophy determines your Emotions

Your Emotions fuels your Actions

Your Actions give you Results

Your Results determine your Lifestyle

Your Lifestyle strengthens your Philosophy

 ~Jim Rohn


Keep seeking better inputs.

So…………..what are your Philosophies?

p.s: there’s activities to strengthen your cognition which helps you to better process and execute your philosophies, more on that on another blog!