Live a Life you Love

Live a Life you Love


About Me

Hey all thanks for following along my qwerky journey. If you couldn’t tell from the domain name, my name is Joe Chui pronounced “CHEW”, not Chew-Y!

I was born and raised in the small town of San Francisco. Yes SF will always be a small town to me! My parents immigrated here from Hong Kong and worked really hard to provide for my brother and I. My mother worked in a hospital as a Microbiologist in the Hematology department and my dad was in banking before moving onto the American dream of owning his own business retailing and wholesaling dried seafoods.

Both my parents have instilled in me a strong work ethic and a love for connecting with people. Coming from an immigrant family we had strong cultural beliefs instilled into us from the motherland: Hong Kong! More on this later.

Growing up with asthma has really taught me the value of health which has also given me my life purpose. Breathing was a luxury at times and pain was just another day. Looking back now, I can’t imagine growing up another way.

Today I have a huge threshold for pain and an appreciation for even the littlest of things. This is where my love for health and fitness comes from. I made a promise to god at a very age that if he could take away my asthma I’d do every activity that came across my way and never squander good health. 

After the age of 14, my asthma went away and I’ve been off to the races! I played football, x-country, basketball, volleyball, was captain of my track team, started break dancing, joined every club imaginable and took every trip that came my way. I had to take advantage of every opportunity and that has been my motto ever since in life.

This applies not only in health and sports but also in work and business!

I’m currently NJ/NYC adopted but go home 4x’s a year so I consider myself bicoastal. 

I’m an avid triathlete, vegan, and basketballer for health. In business I’m currently an avid Real Estate investor, e-commerce enthusiast, and Vanguard/Crypto-Investor.

I hope to connect with my readers and add value to you in anyway possible in this short journey we call life. Till we meet! #Yolo!




“Lead an Inspired Life”

~Jim Rohn